Learn what your Tritype reveals about your innate strengths and life mission.

Discover the basic needs and concerns of each Tritype combination.

Learn why those with the same Tritype have an affinity for one another.

Learn how to work through the blocks created by your Tritype and Instinctual Type.

Tritype is your dominant Enneagram Type in each center of intelligence: head (567), heart (234) and gut (891). Although one Enneagram Type is dominant, you also use two other types in a preferred order.

Part 3 in a series on Tritype, this workshop includes panels demonstrating the differences within Type and the similarities shared by those of the same Tritype. Co-taught with David Fauvre.You can determine your potential Tritype by taking the Enneacards test at www.enneagram.net. The free code to take the test is: IEA2010

Katherine Chernick Fauvre, co-founder of Enneagram Explorations, is an internationally recognized teacher, author, researcher and coach. Her ground-breaking research with the Instinctual Subtypes and Tritype along with her innovative `In-depth Inquiry Process’ has made her a leader in the field. Katherine is a certified teacher with Palmer-Daniels, Riso-Hudson, and Hurley-Donson. She is co-creator of the Enneacards Enneagram Test and is the author of Enneastyle: The 9 languages of Enneagram Type and The Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes.

Katherine Chernick Fauvre


2010 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA