The connections between the Enneagram and the Integral Theory. Making the Enneagram even more complete: All Types, All Quadrants, All Levels.

Part I – The Illusion of Reality: Dreaming Existence


The Inner One

The Collective Us

Transcending the masks

Part II – The Reality of the Illusion: The Existence of the Dream

Nature’s Laws



Part III – Beyond the Integral Enneagram

Upgrading your life

Making a positive impact on the world

Antonio Maria Lopes works with photography and video. He studied Teosophy and Kabbalah before becoming acquainted with the Enneagram, ten years ago. In college he first studied Philosophy, but soon changed to Cinema school. He fell in love with the Integral Theory six years ago and since then he’s developing ways to combine it with the Enneagram in a practical way, along with MD Doctor Roberta Ribeiro, founder and owner of MedIntegral, one of the pioneers on Integral studies in Brazil.

Antonio Maria Lopes


2013 IEA Global Conference

Denver, Colorado, USA