We know the Enneagram is amazing, awesome, life-changing, etc. Our audiences don’t necessarily share our deep-felt passion for the subject. Surprising, but unfortunately true. What have I learned as a teacher/trainer during my 15 years of full time involvement with this love of our lives? How have Irish nuns, English housewives, Finnish executives and other Enneagram virgins given me a deeper understanding of this topic. What are the most embarrassing mistakes I’ve made? And yes, there have been many of those! And how have they been the greatest revelations? Seriously. The Enneagram is often easier to swallow if we do not take ourselves or the subject so seriously. It can be entertaining and highly useful at the same time. Light, yet substantial. You will hear real-life stories which I’ve gathered from very diverse audiences. And yes, the 9 Elephants can be introduced to people in ways that are respectful, insightful and genuinely transforming.

Marika Borg


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA