The Use of the Enneagram in Higher Education. All too often manipulated by the media and pervasive popular culture of entertainers and advertisers, the latest generation of students enter into the hallways of higher education with a distorted picture of who they really are as individuals, and lacking a nuanced understanding of healthy relationships. The Enneagram and Integrated Mastery Index (IMI) instrument have proven most effective tools in sharing the knowledge of differing worldviews with young adults as they complete their studies, pursue their careers, and build their own personal relationships in adult life. Sharing an optimistic view of the potential of the Enneagram when integrated within education systems, this session will utilize a small group and whole class activity to engage participants and equip them with innovative ideas and tools for practical application through higher education. Instructional objectives for this session include providing an overview of the IMI, its structure, content, and application with individual students, project teams, and learning organizations. Case studies from the United States and South Africa will be shared to illustrate the work done to deepen young adults’ personal and inter-personal awareness, provide new insights, and enable students to work more effectively together.

Robert M. Siudzinski
Robert A. Siudzinski


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA