This workshop provides a beautiful opportunity to embody our dance towards health, and the visceral knowledge of how this feels. It is an experiential way to know the Enneagram, and move with the wisdom of this map. Embodying the essence of each type, feeling it’s gift and various levels of health, we move then through the lines of integration as we dance the journey into Presence. In this workshop we encounter each of the nine archetypal elements of the Enneagram, sensing in our bodies how we relate to each. Through music and facilitation we feel the interrelationship of the types, and the intelligence in the movement to integration. As we move through these paths of integration, we experience what release and liberation from old patterns physically feels like ~ making it easier for the mind and emotions to follow this path to freedom. The gift of this work is that it allows our bodies to reveal to us parts of our story that perhaps the reflective mind has not let us see. This workshop is a powerful opportunity to engage with the rhythm of each type. Taking it into the body deepens the process, and is a most valuable practice.

Lila Lieberman


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA