This workshop will explore the direct application of the Enneagram to the 12 Steps of addiction recovery and will provide a deeper clarity regarding the right use of the steps with the Enneagram. Much of the early development of AA centered around the transformation of Type Three issues, with an emphasis on self-centeredness, selfishness, the pursuit of money, power and fame. Although everyone shares some of these habits, the Enneagram more clearly names the pivotal defects of character (or defenses) one must transform, and names more specifically what the `bondage of self’ means to each type. It maps out the type-specific path of right action in concert with the 12 steps, and defines more clearly the spiritual challenges of each type in addiction recovery. This session will include dyads, monologues, and a recovery panel designed to elucidate these themes.

Michael Naylor


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA