Unconsciously, we all internalize mom and dad to some degree, and take them with us wherever we go. As long as we remain unaware, we will try to re-create the relationship we forged with our parents when we were babies! We may blindly expect others to parent us — and act-out our fear, anger, and grief, etc. — when others don’t fulfill our unmet childhood needs. In this largely experiential workshop, featuring music, meditation, journaling, and self-inquiry, you will begin to experience, understand, and release your fears and false beliefs around unmet childhood needs.

You will gently peer beneath the veneer to explore:

Your Inner Critic’s sneaky messages and how to break their sway over you How to reclaim your type’s Lost Childhood Message What you realistically can and can’t get from others How to fill your own cup with love, compassion, safety, and respect How supporting/loving yourself doesn’t mean being isolated, alone or unable to relate

In an atmosphere of safety, fun, and authentic compassion, you will see how all of us have the capacity to support, nourish, comfort, protect, and please ourselves.

Lisa Morrice


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA