There are many things we can do to achieve the transformation we aim for in ourselves and the people we work with. We sometimes have breakthroughs that help us see things more clearly. These breakthroughs are helpful and necessary, but they don’t always ensure long-lasting change. In order to do that we need practices that help us anchor the new strategic behaviors that will allow us to be more flexible and mature. This session will provide a map for change, focusing on the Core qualities at each point, and how those can be nurtured by practicing the Accelerators. Participants will be given a map of Strategies, Core Qualities and Accelerator relevant for each type (handout). They will explore how their particular issues can be identified there and reflect on how the Accelerator associated with the issue could be a tool for transformation. They will then break into groups by type, and share their insights, getting a deeper understanding of common challenges and potential solutions. People will leave the session with a practical tool that highlights deep obstacles for change and offers practices to address them, which they will be able to use with themselves and their clients.

Maria Jose Munita


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA