One thing that I know for sure is that if you don’t like how you’re feeling (angry, sad, resentful, invisible, grieving, envious, anxious, etc.), it doesn’t have to be that way. The challenge is, it’s not always easy to change how we feel, so we may hold it in and then blurt, not say anything and resentment grows, take it out on others, etc., and the situation doesn’t resolve. Join me and learn a simple, step-by-step process that is profound and easy-to-use.

You will learn that when you’re triggered, if you don’t like how you feel, you can:

Listen to your body. If you change your body, you change your brain. If you change your brain, you change your life.

Join us and learn the “3 steps to easy, peace and joy.” It’s lightning fast and the change lasts. Your body’s language is the doorway for your transformation. This is based on the same principles as EnneaMotion, an experiential approach to the Enneagram.

Andrea Isaacs


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA