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2012 IEA Enneagram Journal

A Comparison of the Nine Enneagram Personality Styles and Theodore Millons’ Eight Personality Patterns

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There are several congenial correlations between the nine styles of the Enneagram and the eight personality patterns proposed by Theodore Millon, Ph.D. (1969) who is an influential personality theorist, personality and clinical test developer, and a member of the task force that formulated one of [...]

Towards an Integral Enneagram

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Abstract: In this article I consider how mistyping can happen by looking at the issue through the lenses of Ken Wilber's Integral Model of A.Q.A.L.A.L.A.S.A.T. (All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines, All States, All Types). Recognizing that the best that any model can be is [...]

Enneagram Enrichment

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All right. You know your nine styles, 18 stress and security points, 18 wings and 27 subtypes. With this basic Enneagram, you have a formidable diagnostic tool and template for personal growth. So how might one use all the lovely lively selfhelp books as you [...]

The Enneagram of Death – Helpful Insights by 9 Types of People on Grief, Fear, and Dying

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Elizabeth Wagele, well-known in the Enneagram community for her witty and accurate introductory book, The Enneagram Made Easy, and additional volumes: Finding the Birthday Cake, written for children and the child-like within each of us; The Career Within in collaboration with Ingrid Stabb; and others, [...]