In this session, Ms. Landis will help participants learn how to read the messages their own bodies are sending them regarding the blocks and obsessions associated with the Enneagram lens that is surfacing for them in the moment. Participants will use Body Awareness and the Enneagram to listen to what is arising within in order to recognize and intercept perceptual distortions and projections and respond in the moment from a clearer and more receptive field. We will then create strategies for learning how to intercept or derail the blocks. There will be an initial demonstration with volunteers, which will be videotaped and played back to illuminate the process. This will be followed by group experiential activities, introducing Body Awareness and Body Dialogue experiments, and role-play and discussion.

Ruth Landis is a Body-Psychotherapist who utilizes body/mind techniques and the Enneagram. Her work is highly experiential and “hands-on.” She has a private practice, conducts workshops, consults on presentation and communication skills, and coaches corporate clients and performing artists. She is also a professional actor, writer, and director, and has worked extensively in theatre, radio, TV, and film.


Ruthie Landis


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA