This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to identify the strengths and challenges in their own personality and that of the relationship that they choose to work on. Through small group discussion, the interplay of vices and basic fear will be explored. Each individual will be given the opportunity to practice their virtue as a way of transforming their relationship.

Antoinette Saunders, PhD, and Harriet Porter, LCSW, each have a private practice in holistic psychotherapy and over 30 years of professional clinical experience. Both Harriet and Antoinette are co-directors of TRANSFORMATIONS: Institute for Psychological and Spiritual Development in Chicago. Both have received their certification in the Enneagram from Loyola. Through their Institute they offer classes and workshops on various facets of the Enneagram, including the psychological, spiritual, and relational aspects of the system. They also offer training programs for mental health clinicians.

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Antoinette M. Saunders
Harriet Porter


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA