See how the Enneagram can “fuel” a proven trust development model. Too often relationships between individuals and teams are damaged based on lack of trust. There are three critical components to trust, and different styles stack those elements differently. So often the trust break is more lack of definition and misunderstanding. There are also five trust building behaviors. When you craft a conversation around these specifics, you can address areas that are too often taken personally.You can co-create a strategy that can accomplish a deepening of trust. This works for individuals and teams. In this highly interactive session we will review and apply the trust components and the trust building behaviors. There will be a number of exercises and handouts. Valerie Atkin has spent the last 30 years focusing on the human side of enterprises while working at companies like DuPont and Zenger Miller. In 1991 she founded Wells Street Consulting and offers consulting, coaching and customized learning solutions. Her current clients include Herman Miller, Caterpillar, and Pfizer.

Valerie Atkin


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA