The power of personal metaphor in change work is presumed; the question raised is how to better elicit the most powerful of these metaphors–those of the client’s own creation.

Theatre exercises will reveal participants’ own improvisational style, exploring this as a subset of, or perhaps in contrast to, Enneagram style.

This context will frame a description and demonstration of Symbolic Modeling, a fully developed client interviewing structure – designed for imaginal, metaphoric response – which intersects directly with theatre improv at the word “AND.”

Session participants will:

Assess a personal improvisational style via theatre improv exercises.

Determine if this is in harmony with or in contrast to their Enneagram style.

Experience the parallels between coaching/counseling and improv.

Witness a symbolic modeling session.

Discover relationships between improvisational style and Symbolic Modeling.

Learning methods: self-assessment, short presentations, dyad & group exercises, demonstrations with concurrent onscreen debrief, video presentation, small and large group discussions.

Mary Bast has been a corporate and personal coach for 25 years. She is co-author with Clarence Thomson of Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram and author of Out of the Box Coaching Field Guide and Out of the Box Self-Coaching Workbook. More information at www.breakoutofthebox.com.

Tim Flood has been a communications consultant for 25 years and admits to a double life, with over 35 leading roles in professional and community theaters. He currently consults on leadership and interorganizational team development, and teaches the Enneagram in the Palmer-Daniels Narrative tradition for retreat centers in Florida.

Mary Bast
Tim Flood


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA