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Connecting the Dots

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From Chapter 12 of Mary Bast and Clarence Thomson’s Out of the Box Coaching with the Enneagram, 4th Edition, available at Amazon.com in   Not only clients get stuck in boxes. So do coaches. Each Enneagram style has a corresponding coaching style that will be [...]

Going for the Gold – Alchemy in Coaching – Part Three

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Mortificatio, Killing Ego Attachments Mortificatio—killing or dead-making, consciously working on reduction of ego attachments; in Jungian terms ‘bringing home’ our projections, going inside ourselves to embrace the shadow so our being reflects the whole instead of a dissociated part. Before I knew anything about mortificatio, [...]

The Land of AND: Metaphor, Improvisation, and Symbolic Modeling For Coaches, Counselors, and Creative Communicators

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[NO RECORDING] The power of personal metaphor in change work is presumed; the question raised is how to better elicit the most powerful of these metaphors--those of the client's own creation. Theatre exercises will reveal participants' own improvisational style, exploring this as a subset of, [...]

Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram

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[NO RECORDING] Those doing change work may unwittingly help people get better at what they've always done to keep themselves stuck in a box. In contrast, significant shifts can occur by moving beyond first-order change (doing something better without examining the Enneagram worldview, or "box") [...]