Those doing change work may unwittingly help people get better at what they’ve always done to keep themselves stuck in a box. In contrast, significant shifts can occur by moving beyond first-order change (doing something better without examining the Enneagram worldview, or “box”) to second-order or transformational change (stepping “out of the box”). Participant exercises will demonstrate state-of-the art practices, and coaching cases will illustrate how a deeper understanding of underlying Enneagram patterns shows exactly where and how to help people get unstuck.

Mary Bast has a Ph.D. in social psychology and has been a corporate and personal coach for 25 years. Author of a social research textbook, she’s published numerous articles on Enneagram applications and is co-author with Clarence Thomson of Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram, available at the bookstore. Contact, .

Mary Bast


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA