What gets in your way of being happy and at one with your true nature? The frustrations of a day, over-reactions to another, disappointment in plans gone awry are surely not what life is about. Explore how our Enneagram fixations block us from experiencing happiness and the Holy Idea of our type. On a more interesting and more useful note, what can we do to remove those blocks? Using the foundation and tools of EnneaMotion (using movement to explore type), we learn how to drop the layers of defense, how to become emotionally flexible so we can “wear our personalities lightly,” return to our true nature where the Holy Idea resides, and how to simply be happy.

Andrea Isaacs created EnneaMotion by combining her background in modern dance (where she translated emotional energy into physical energy), with Taoist practice and the Enneagram. Since 1994, she’s been traveling the world teaching EnneaMotion workshops, coaching individuals in designing their own physical antidotes, and conducting her training program. She’s been on the faculty of the Riso-Hudson Part II Training Program since it launched in 1995, was co-founding editor/ publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and was a board member of the IEA for six years.

Andrea Isaacs


2009 IEA Global Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA