Margaret will present the results of a study that looked at the relationship between personality type and health-related behaviors and disorders. The study is a quantitative and qualitative study of clinically assessed individuals. The quantitative research is a survey of the members of the AEC who have undergone a clinical assessment with verification by sitting on the St Mary’s Brisbane Panels. It looks at risk factors and health related activities to explore the relationship of personality to the actions and effects of these factors. The qualitative case reports are on patients who have been fully investigated medically, with a discussion of the medical presentations which are due to the impact of the personality.

We will experience meditation and contemplation and discuss the health benefits of these practices.

Dr. Margaret Buring is a general practitioner with city and community practice, and VMO to a Correctional Centre. She is a teacher with the Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies in Australia, and responsible for the organization of the Meditation Program and Contemplative Retreats of the AIES.

Margaret Buring


2009 IEA Global Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA