We absorb our basic structures about reality from our parents and society as belief. We interpret reality through those early childhood beliefs. The more unexamined beliefs or structures we hold about reality, the more we are asleep, acting in an automatic, robotic way, living in the levels of subjectivity of the lower ego. Our psychic energy exists in the psyche as either structures or energy. The more structures or beliefs we have, the less energy is available. The game of consciousness is to transform structures into energy, liberating ourselves from the structures, increasing free energy and abiding in the enlightened state until it is a permanent condition.

Daniela Hauptmann has found herself embracing three major pursuits throughout her life: art, education and personal development. Born in Bavaria, Germany, Daniela began the study of art first in Munich, then in New York. From that passion for art grew a career in advertising and marketing as a freelance illustrator. At about the same time, Daniela embarked upon the work of Oscar Ichazo and the Arica Institute. Her immersion in the Arica work is complete: she has been actively studying, teaching and organizing trainings for over 35 years. The mother of two children, Daniela realizes the importance of creating a solid foundation for today’s youth. Her current interests center on developing educational programs for youth that combine the themes of sustainability, global leadership and awareness seen through the prism of global unity. Daniela is an active board member of the IEA Global, as well as President of the board of the board of Awakening the Diamond Mind Foundation, a nonprofit public charity. IEA Accredited Teacher.

Daniela Hauptmann


2009 IEA Global Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA