Cross the thresholds of the 9 doors of the soul thanks to 9 meditative dances created with Gurdjieff music! These dances enable us to embody not only the rhythm and the energy of each type, but also the specific path onto which they are inviting us. During this session, Mathilde and Benedicte will present the dances and invite you to experiment with several. Considering the success of the workshop in San Fransisco, they intend to keep the same spirit and go further in the discovery of these dances. They will share again two dances learned last year (1-peace and 8-innocence) and two additional choreographies not presented yet: 7-joy and 4-beauty. Benedicte de Navacelle, is a lawyer by training. After some time in business, she became a consultant and a trainer. She is a certified member of AETOT. She provides coaching for personal and collective projects and trainings called “Enneagram and Creativity”. Marthilde Bourdin, an art publicist by training and dance amateur, was hooked by the Enneagram 5 years ago. She was trained by Benedicte and assisted her at the very first “enneagram and sacred dances” session. She works now with Benedicte, developing teenager and young adults life coaching and the creative body eneagram-related activities.

Benedicte de Navacelle
Mathilde Bourdin


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA