Uranio Paes will run this experiential workshop in which he will facilitate deep transformation for volunteers, using a carpet with the Enneagram symbol drawn on it. This work involves managing the energy that the Enneagram symbol and the growth work provides and requires. Uranio’s work usually brings in experiential learning about important points in theory, such as arrows, wings and Gurdjieff ‘s Laws. Uranio will lead an optional exercise with the whole group of participants and will work individually with a few participants that volunteer to do so. The overall experience is transformational for all attendees Uranio Paes is an Enneagram teacher and Organizational Consultant, having worked with thousands of students in important organizations and in groups in Latin America, the US and Europe. Uranio co-teaches the EPTP (Palmer/Daniels certification program) in Brazil and he was the IEA Global President in 2008 and 2009.

Valerie Atkin Build Your Enneagram Practice/Business Business All Students – Learn a proven sales process to build a profitable practice/ business. – Understand your style’s sales motivation and how to maximize it. – Set realistically audacious goals and begin a business development plan. – Become comfortable addressing objections and discussing price. – Leave knowing you can sell with integrity! – The session will include materials and a drawing for a follow-up personal coaching session. Valerie Atkin has spent the last 35 years focusing on the human side of enterprises while working at companies like DuPont and Zenger Miller. In 1991 she founded Wells Street and offers consulting, coaching and customized learning solutions. Her clients have included Herman Miller, Caterpillar, University of Michigan and Pfizer.

Uranio Paes


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA