The InnovationCircle is the basis for Egowise Leadership in organizations. Its foundation is the Enneagram, with its nine creative and talented personalities. When all nine personalities are fully present in the here and now, they show the way to greatness in leadership and organizations.

The InnovationCircle approach has three steps: 1) The Core: Personal Mastery; 2) The Inner Circle: Team Co-creation; 3) The Outer Circle: Good to Great Flywheel Management. In this interactive workshop we will work with Team Co-creation. You will have an opportunity to experience some of the Enneagram type dynamics of the InnovationCircle in business, specifically team decision making.

Dr. Albert Kamphius is a writer, business consultant, trainer, and coach, working with management teams in multinationals, institutions, government, and university programs. He is the co-founder of the Platform for Enneagram Professionals (PEP) Foundation in the Netherlands. He has completed Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute trainings and Ginger Lapid Bogda’s Coaching Certificate Program. His book, Egowise Leadership and the Nine Creating Forces of the InnovationCircle, was published in 2011.


Albert Kamphuis


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA