One of the great challenges facing organizations is getting all employees, from the CEO to the hourly workers, to realize that to become the best, they have to embrace Diversity.

Diversity is about empowering people. It makes an organization effective by capitalizing on all of the strengths of each employee. Within the Enneagram you will learn how to build up Trust and it Develops an atmosphere that is safe for all employees to be efficient. This is what helps to build great teams in Challenging moments. With Enneagram the focus of HRD will be on efforts and on Accomplishing Goals. This application can upgrade the ability of the Inner Customers (the employees) to rely on the Organization itself as the main source and as a result they become faithful to what they have promised. Diversity with Enneagram can attract efficient people into their ranks, this can create Leadership to change the employees to own their position and be responsible. Responsibility can create faithfulness and that’s what HR needs the most in an Organization in order to Brand itself.

Dr. Delbar Niroushak is a clinical psychologist, and a certified Enneagram teacher in the Narrative Tradition. She is an IEA Affiliate in Iran. She uses CBT, MBCT and the Enneagram in her work with leaders in organizations.

Delbar Niroushak


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA