Everything started by doing a trivial question. I can’t understand the reason why I don’t like some advertising. Could be that my Enneagram type rejects them? Since then the initial and trivial question turns into an inquiry. With my pupils of the creativity workshop at School of Advertising UNIACC University, the question adds casuistry and today it is a publication. The subject of Personality Brands, as much as in products and services, was beginning to detect attributes and typologies on their self identity. Later at the lab, we detected key words for different consumers-enneagram types, as well as images that detonate empathy. My proposal derives countless numbers of applications, for a world in which interest communities shape a new map through the nets. This commands a new perspective in respect to traditional consumer’s classification. In the XXI century the Messages will change just as will the Medias which send them, and it will happen not only in the advertising world but in all communication circles. They will be the messages for the personality typologies

Jaime Larrain (63 yrs. ) He teaches Self-knowing Diplomate at UNIACC University. Enneagram researcher. For the past 35 years he has also been teacher in Communications, Creativity and Conscience Development. Author of Carpediem 2013, an essay about Education. He is Director Member of IEA Chile. www.eco2013.cl.

Jaime Larrain


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA