We need to experience in ourselves all nine types to grow and awaken. I believe that there are three stages to this work. The first stage represents a journey of self knowledge, to know thyself in all three Centers: body, heart, and mind.

This first stage of the work is represented by the central triangle in the Enneagram. The second stage represents the journey to know “the Other” — the types that represent the other Object-Relations styles that are different from your own style. This second stage of the work is represented by the hexagon in the Enneagram.

The third stage of the work is to realize that you and the other are One and there is no separation. It is represented by the large outer circle in the Enneagram that encompasses and unites all nine types. The work requires that you accept and love your own type as well as all the other types, including your Oppositetype. Realistically, if you are unable to accept and love the other types, you will not be able to fully accept and love yourself.

Born and raised in the Metropolitan New York City area, Dr. Arthur Kranz is a board certified psychiatrist who has been involved in Enneagram studies and practice since 2006. He hopes to finally complete the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute teacher certification program in 2011.

Arthur Kranz


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA