How does our Enneagram type both help and hinder our lives and relationships? What makes for a healthy thriving self and relationships? Most importantly, how do we imbue our relationships with our higher essential qualities? This in-depth workshop explores how the Enneagram’s understandings of type can be applied powerfully to develop, strengthen, and transform our lives and relationships. We will explore and you will learn the keys to transforming relationships embedded in the Basic Propositions and the three core emotions– fear, distress, and anger which reveal the specific the mysterious paradox of transformation. Together we will explore the vital roles of the Universal Growth Process for Self-Mastery and the three core aversive emotions shared by all mammals that can block or makes transformation possible. The format will include short lecture, inner practice, panels in the Narrative Tradition, and practical group exercises. This workshop is designed for all of us committed to transforming our lives and integrating our higher essential qualities.

David Daniels, MD, co-founder of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Stanford and co-author of The Essential Enneagram. While at Stanford he formed the Committee on Violence, served on the President’s Commission on the Causes and Preventions of Violence, co-wrote the acclaimed book Violence and the Struggle for Existence and published on the subject in Science. He brings his knowledge of the Enneagram and violence to this presentation.

David Daniels


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA