The Mindful Choice Model is the first systematic approach that trains our conscious awareness to make choices that enable us to move up the levels of our respective Types. We can learn to choose our thoughts and emotions rather than be chosen by them. Thousands of stimuli present themselves to our awareness, second by second; our thoughts and emotions determine which stimuli we notice and which we overlook. We are usually unaware of this process, and the power we have to `train ourselves’ to actually choose what we pay attention to. The stimuli we choose to focus upon literally orchestrate a process that either plummet us to our Type’s lower qualities, where we are at the mercy of our stress patterns, or they lift us to the higher levels of our Types and even beyond the patterns of our Types. Recent brain research supports how the Mindful Choice Model can impact everything we do. Through experiential exercises, participants will discover how to use the Model’s four steps to consistently access their Type’s healthy qualities and the healthy qualities of others and greatly expand their choices and possibilities. Christine King was introduced to the Enneagram in 1970 at the Esalen Institute. She currently directs a graduate program in Organizational Learning and Leadership at Barry University. Her new book, Thinking Doth Make It So, introduces the Mindful Choice Model.

Christine King


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA