The workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to experience the sensation of the nine types in your own body, in the healthy, average, and unhealthy levels–to feel the types in your body and heart–not just the brain. We will use acting techniques, meditations, and dance.

As a choreographer, I work with the performer’s role through bodylanguage: sometimes creating a character from the outside-in or from the inside-out.

We build the body language on feelings and thoughts in the character and making sure the performers own feelings and thoughts don’t get in the way. The Enneagram is wonderful to help us to dissociate the actor from the role. By giving the Enneagram students the opportunity to work with all the types as an actor, participants will gain a deeper understanding of all the types.

Zitta de Fries, choreographer with 35 years of experience in theatre, television, and movies, works with the best actors, directors, and performers in Denmark and includes the Enneagram in her work.

For six years the workshop has been a part of the Enneagram training with THINK ABOUT IT in Denmark and in 2012 “The Enneagram – LIVE!” workshop will go to Sweden, Israel and Russia.

Zitta de Fries


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA