Storytelling is not dependent on any form; a story can be painted, danced, written, staged, or mimed. But, all stories are dependent upon having a structure. Every story has one, every story must have one. In the commercial, how-to world of story development there are countless story gurus, how-to books, and methodologies teaching storytellers how to structure a story.

The good news is that storytellers need look no further than the Enneagram System to find everything they need to discover, uncover, and develop their story’s natural, right, and true structure. Much more than simply writing characters from scratch, or some paint-by-numbers approach to storytelling, this workshop demonstrates how to use the Enneagram-Story BridgeTM to: reveal the moral core of any story, discover the core relationship driving any story, design the perfect opposition structure for any story, create characters that “ring true” beyond simple character typing–and more. Every story knows how it should best be told. If you can cross the Enneagram-Story BridgeTM, this workshop can teach you how to listen to your story so that you can be a master at telling any story.

Jeff Lyons is a 25-year veteran of the film, television and publishing industries. He currently works as a screenwriter, independent producer, and freelance story-development consultant. He is founder of Storygeeks.com, a professional services company offering story development and editorial consulting services to screenwiters, novelists, and nonfiction authors.

Jeff Lyons


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA