The Enneagram is the symbol of a system that is not static. It is dynamic. Predictive. And prescriptive. At this workshop, you’ll rediscover each type as the magnetic field that springs forth from the opposing forces of its wings.You’ll also explore how, when facing a difficult life choice, the ego falls into a stuck state of seemingly no-win options held out by its Wings. More importantly, you’ll come away with a surprisingly simple and reliable method you can use to immediately help you and your clients expand your choices and break free of limiting beliefs. This method is exclusive to David’s work and a similar discovery was also made by Ichazo and Naranjo. Come learn how each type is an attempt to resolve the polarities of its wings and how this can be used to free one from seemingly limiting perceptions and options.

David Fauvre is co-founder of Enneagram Explorations and Enneagram.net. He is a leading internationally recognized Enneagram researcher, trainer, and test developer. He holds a Masters in Psychology and is Certified Enneagram Teacher with Riso and Hudson. He has studied with Palmer Daniels, Tom Condon, Naranjo, Ichazo, Byron Katie, and Barbara Brennan.

David Fauvre


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA