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The Enneagram: A Response to Violence: The HOPE, the CHALLENGE, the HEALING

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How is the Enneagram an integral gift in the hope of eliminating violence in society? What does the Enneagram teach us about the greatest force that every person is challenged to create internally to ensure that peace and harmony will overcome violence in our lives? [...]

Spiraling Out Into Greater Global Consciousness: Where Are We Now And Where Are We Going? Spirituality

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A Series of Expert Panels Examining the "State of the Art" of Enneagram-related Work in the World Today The theme of this year's IEA conference is "Spiraling out into Greater Consciousness." Spiral Dynamics offers a model through which we can understand the spiraling levels of [...]

Compassion in the Workplace: How the Enneagram Is Enhancing the Corporate Culture of Nu-Ear Electronics

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Chad Jorgensen is Managing Director and CEO of Nu-Ear Electronics, a company that manufactures and distributes top quality digital hearing aids across the U. S. With two of his key people, he attended a Hurley/Donson Enneagram training program in October, 2004, and then contracted with [...]

Re-VISIONing Professional Relationships with the Enneagram

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[NO RECORDING] This program is for therapists, counselors, spiritual directors, coaches, nurses, caregivers and managers of teams -- anyone who is in a professional one-on-one relationship with others. The Enneagram can be a useful interpreter of people, showing how we need best respond to others [...]

Breakthrough Enneagram: See How You Can Present the Nine Types, Three Centers, and the First Steps in Personal Growth in Only Three Hours

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[NO RECORDING] Kathy and Theodorre will present a fast paced, visual, and fun experience for understanding personality through the Enneagram. Hurley and Donson have streamlined the Enneagram, expanding its potential to enhance people's lives. Most people who experience this presentation easily discover their personality style. [...]

Parenting Principles, The Wizard Of Oz, And The Three Centers

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[NO RECORDING] Our new parenting program, "There's No Place Like Home: Intelligent Parenting for Today's Family" unites three themes: the three centers of human intelligence and what each contributes to intelligent parenting, characters from the Wizard of Oz because they are related to the three [...]