Sharpen your ability to identify the nine types in real life.

Our panels are composed of one exemplar of each of the nine types. We present to them an open-ended real life scenario and ask,”What do you think about this? How do your feel? How would you resolve this situation?” Hearing them respond side-by-side in succession supports you to understand the differences and similarities among types as well as to identify the verbal and nonverbal cues that reveal type. We will also explore the underlying psychic structures that create type.

Our panels are videotaped, so participants in the workshop can comment on what they see and hear. We can analyze each response as we see type in action. We can rewind and review responses. We draw upon the wisdom of the participants as well as the presenters.

This is an excellent way to learn more about each Enneagram type. It’s also fun and interesting. Come and see!

Kathy Hurley and Theodorre Donson are international leaders in developing the Enneagram and promoting transformation and consciousness in everyday life. As innovators in the field, their Breakthrough Enneagram seminar goes beyond merely describing type and reveals the inner dynamics of the personality styles the Enneagram describes.

Their belief that the Enneagram can create change from conflict has inspired their popular books, Essential Self, Essential Style; Discover Your Soul Potential: Using the Enneagram to Awaken Spiritual Vitality; My Best Self: Using the Enneagram to Free the Soul; and the bestselling What’s My Type? Use the Enneagram System of Nine Personality Types to Discover Your Best Self, which is published in eight languages. Their books and articles are sought after for their personal, practical and penetrating analysis of the forces that enhance relationships and increase compassion.

They are Founders of the IEA. Theodorre served as the IEA Newsletter’s inaugural editor and IEA’s second President in 1996, while Kathy served as IEA’s first Secretary and was Director of the IEA’s Second International Conference in 1997.

Based on 30 years of research and experience, they have created a practical, profound yet simple system for healing the human soul that uses understanding of one’s Enneagram type as a guide and mirror on the journey.

Enneagram Resources, Inc. www.hurleydonson.com

Kathy Hurley
Theodorre Donson


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA