This session will introduce our method of using the Enneagram with teenagers. Our “Awakening Workshop” addresses teenagers between the ages of 15 to 20, because at this stage a teenager begins to separate from his family. It goes further than information gathering or a mere personality description. We try to inculcate in them the ability to reflect upon their thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, attitudes and reactions, awakening at this early age the first state of “awareness.” Through this process they will be able to bring about desired changes in their own lives, from a perspective of self-knowledge and an evaluation of the environment and themselves.

Amir Gabriel Castro is a philosopher, humanist, and sociologist. He received his Enneagram training in 1978 from Chilean psychiatrist Carlos Warter. In 1995 he was initiated in Sufism by Sufi master Nawab Pasnak. He is founder and director of AmaRenacer, an international organization designed to support Human Development. Daniel Castro Carvajal works as a psychotherapist and is studying to be a psychoanalyst. He learned the Enneagram from his father, Gabriel Castro, in 1990, when he began working with AmaRenacer Organization. He created a three-day workshop for teenagers based on “The Inner Traveler.”

Amir Gabriel Castro
Daniel Castro


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA