Through the Eyes of Classic European Painters of Different Enneagram Types Art can be a tool that expresses the soul of a person and also the characteristics of the personality of the artist. This work presents two central themes of the Christian faith (Christ’s birth and death) seen through the perspectives of art and of the Enneagram. Nine nativity and deposition scenes from different painters have been chosen, each one of them recalling the characteristic energy of a specific personality type. Each scene and its author will be historically and technically explained through the Enneagram perspective. Following the explanation the whole set of slides will be reviewed in silence as a meditation with a musical background.

Chiara Panciera lives and works in Rome as an architect in building restoration and interior design, and she is also very interested in the painting of the renaissance and baroque periods. She has been involved in support groups for people in grief and visits the sick as a hospital volunteer. She has studied the Enneagram since 1997 and has attended many advanced courses.

Chiara Panciera


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA