Our only problem is a belief in separation. Your personality is the chief tool in creating the illusion of separation. Personality changes reality into an illusion, the illusion that we are separate from others, the world, and even ourselves. In this session, using the type as a tool, we will map the path for each type from Unity through Separation and Suffering, back to Unity. The Illusion of Separation allows you the joy of discovering unity and passion over and over again. We will explore the tools for finding that joy and unity in your life. In this extended version of the earlier session, Personality Type and the Illusion of Separation, we will review the pathway from Unity through Separation and Suffering, back to Unity. Then we will break off into twos and small groups to experience firsthand the new awareness and new affirmations that can aid us in our return to Unity and Wholeness.

George McCaul has studied the Enneagram for 18 years and is an Enneagram Institute Certified Trainer. He is a past IEA board member, vice president, and president. George has presented the Enneagram in corporate and private sessions. He also trains career and life coaches in the use of the Enneagram. Contact ator

George McCaul


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA