Given the fact that type has a biased point of view designed to protect us, it’s not surprising that faced with another human being – however well intentioned – type reacts in automatic (fortunately for the purpose of growth) predictable ways. Unfortunately this is true even when we hope and long for intimacy. The moments when our barriers drop and we come being to being with another are rare and unforgettable. In that moment, love is known. It may even be a moment shared with a stranger; still, we recognize it and long for more of that quality of relatedness. This experiential workshop explores why we don’t, and how we can start to, relate more and more from Essence. Come prepared to do so.

Karen Webb, graduate of the EPTP with Helen Palmer(R), has taught the Enneagram since 1992. A lifelong student of psychology and comparative religion, her work prior to this was in Management consultancy, training and HRD. Karen’s focus is to facilitate spiritual and psychological growth through public workshops and counseling. Her book Principles of the Enneagram, is available in thirteen languages. +44 (0)1684 561258

Karen Webb


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA