Physical exercises: No particular ability is needed, but the will to be involved is required (all attendees have to be active). The meditation involves Gurdjieff Movements in a silent journey through the consciousness of the body. Following The Cycle of Nourishing from Chinese Traditional Medicine, blocked energy will be awakened and released. The still sleeping energies of internal organs, of the mind and heart are gently spurred to flow in every part of the body and freely circulate. Once this is achieved the three energy centers (emotional, mental, and visceral) have the possibility to show their power. Through the music of the Gurdjieff dance and the precision of the movements, this new quality of energy begins to reveal a different sense of the body’s form. Repetition gives rise to a ritual dance of meditation. A different geometry, a new whole that can be realized only through the synergy of the group.

Annamaria Squarciapino is a teacher for and a member of the board of directors of the Italian Association of Enneagramma. She works as a Shiatsu professional and an onstage assistant for theater-therapist Marta Molinotti. She also coordinates self-help groups for the treatment of drug addiction. Marta Molinotti teaches in the Italian Association of the Enneagram. She has a degree in Theater-Therapy and does workshops on the Sacred Dances of Gurdjieff. She also teaches courses that combine knowledge of the Enneagram and the Gurdjieff Dances. She also leads self-help groups for drug addiction. Contact information: contact information phone number: 039.0545.62715

Marta Molinotti
Annamaria Squarciapino


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA