Both the Enneagram and Chi Kung have mathematical origins, and were originally taught as a means of understanding how the universe works. Both stress the foundational significance of threes, use dynamic diagrams to illustrate predictable directions of flow, and outline a clear path of spiritual and psychological growth that is based on relaxation, rather than effort. However, what is often lacking in enneagram circles is a physical and energetic practice that actively engages the body as a primary agent and arena for change. Chi Kung fills this gap by offering a down-to-earth approach to transformation through, not in spite of, the body. Participants will learn how to open and balance the three centers.

Sandy Seeber, M.A., M.A. Ed., is President of Synergy Clinical & Consulting Services and CoFounder of Three Treasures Tai Chi Association. She has a private counseling & consulting practice in which she integrates the Enneagram, energy psychology, healing touch, and chi kung. She has studied both the Enneagram and Tai Chi & Chi Kung for more than 15 years.

Sandy Seeber


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA