This innovative presentation reveals profound insights into the fundamental fears and desires that arise in intimacy for each of the 9 Enneagram Types. Based on ongoing research, this workshop will focus on the fascinating results from an extensive 3-fold questionnaire. This research was designed to investigate the relationship between the 9 Enneagram Types, the 3 Instinctual Drives, and Intimacy. This 2-hour session will explore the manner in which the 9 Enneagram Types form, develop, and maintain intimate relationships. To expand on these findings and further enhance insight, short panels of the types by Instinctual drive will be conducted.

Katherine Chernick-Fauvre and David W. Fauvre MA, founders of Enneagram Explorations, teach and consult on the Enneagram in many venues in diverse fields including: business, psychology, and healing. Katherine, a certified teacher with PalmerDaniels, Riso-Hudson, and Hurley-Donson, is a published researcher on the Enneagram and Instinctual Subtypes. David, a Riso-Hudson certified teacher, holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and has studied at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. They can be reached at www.enneagram.net.

Katherine Chernick Fauvre
David Fauvre


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA