Thinking styles are forms of mental selfgovernment. According to Robert Sternberg the kinds of government we have in the world are not arbitrary but are mirrors of the mind. They reflect different ways in which people can organize or govern themselves. For example, both minds and governments have various functions (legislative, executive, judicial), forms (monarchic, hierarchic, oligarchic, anarchic), levels (global, local), orientations (external, internal), and leanings (liberal, conservative). Participants will take a brief questionnaire to determine which thinking styles they favor. Correlations between thinking preferences and Enneagram styles will be explored. This workshop includes input, personal reflection, and group interaction.

Jerome Wagner, Ph.D. is the author of the Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: an Introductory Guide, the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS), and Two Windows on the Self: the Enneagram and the Myers-Briggs. Jerry offers the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program: www.enneagramspectrum.com. He a clinical psychologist with a psychotherapy and consulting practice in Evanston, Il);

Jerome Wagner


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA