An individual coaching program for senior executives would be more effective if it included group work with his/her team. Likewise, an in-company workshop would work better as part of a more complete cultural transformation of the whole organization. In other words, personal, small group, and institutional work with the Enneagram can be integrated in change management programs capable of solving all dimensions of a given problem. This session will explore new and multiple formats and methodologies for this. Case studies and real examples will be used to show how to go beyond the traditional Enneagram applications in business and how to deliver superior results.

Uranio Paes, MBA is a Brazilian Management Consultant, Coach and Enneagram Teacher with about 2,000 students. Uranio runs “UP9 Desenvolvimento Humano,” a consulting company dedicated to Enneagram applications, in South America. He is an associate teacher of Helen Palmer and David Daniels and member of the IEA Board of Directors. Contact information: ; www.up9.com; Phone #: 55-11-55395356.

Uranio Paes


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA