Understanding that a single individual owns a great part of the responsibility for a team’s wellbeing, team-members – and especially the team leader – can create together a most successful team. This presentation will demonstrate team-related use of the Enneagram focusing on the interrelation between the types, the power between role (member / leader) and type, and the use of rules and expectations for the teamwork. The presentation will demonstrate theory, exercises and learning points of the 28-day Enneagram Master Leadership-classes, which THINK ABOUT IT delivers in Denmark.

Flemming Christensen is the owner and manager of THINK ABOUT IT, whose main work is to help businesses create lasting positive changes for employees, management, and the company as a whole. Using the Enneagram, he has helped international companies such as Tellabs, Pfizer, Capgemini, Microsoft and IBM. Flemming is convinced that a manager’s success lies in his / her ability to create an environment where the employees are motivated to use their talents and potential. Flemming is a writer and lecturer, primarily working as a personal and team coach, and an instructor.

Claus Roager Olsen is one of the most powerful teachers of the Enneagram in Denmark, and uses his long-term background in sales and leadership in creating and delivering workshops for leaders, teams and salespeople. Claus is a teaching partner with Flemming and together they have created a professional learning environment where the Enneagram is a central and essential tool. Today Claus primarily works as instructor, personal coach and consultant for businesses in Denmark such as Unilever, Danica Pension, Nordea, Canon Denmark and Rynkeby Foods. Claus is present chairman for The Danish Enneagram Society and is very inspired by the Enneagram, children and close relationships.

Flemming Christensen
Claus Roager Olsen


2009 IEA Global Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA