Day One: Dr. Naranjo will introduce the neurotic needs essential to each of the 27 subtypes. Each one is driven by a certain thirst, excess, or passion. These neurotic needs are different than the nine primary passions (such as fear, lust, envy), and can be called satellite passions. Through a guided process, participants will identify their subtypes or find themselves uncertain about their type. Those clear with their subtype will form in groups accordingly. An additional 10th group will be formed with those participants who are unclear about their type.

Claudio Naranjo studied medicine, music, and philosophy in Chile, where he also was a resident at the University of Chile Psychiatric Clinic. After coming to live in the United States, Dr. Naranjo was on staff early on at the Esalen Institute, where he became one of the three successors to Fritz Perls. Later his life’s pilgrimage brought him in contact with various spiritual masters. He was also Research Associate at the Institute for Personality Assessment and Research on the Berkeley Campus and associate of Raymond Cattell at the Institute of Personality and Ability Testing. He has taught comparative religion, humanistic psychology, and meditation, and he was the founder of SAT Institute, an integrative psycho-spiritual school. He is considered one of the pioneers of the Human Potential Movement, and his introduction of “Fourth Way” ideas to psychotherapy is an instance of his work as an integrator at the interface between psychotherapy and spiritual traditions. At present he is primarily dedicated to an integrative and transpersonal education of psychotherapists in various European and South American countries.

Claudio Naranjo


2004 IEA Global Conference

Arlington, Virginia, USA