Resurgir desde el vacío: Nueve experiencias transformadoras

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Hablar de la experiencia del vacío es todo un desafío. En lugar de enfrentarlo, muchas veces quizás ‘le sacamos el cuerpo’, es decir, evitamos experimentar el vacío porque nos resulta naturalmente incómodo. La propuesta que subyace a estas líneas es desmitificar la experiencia del vacío [...]

IEA Korea

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IEA Korea was established in 2008 as the only official affiliate of International Enneagram Association. Our vision is to contribute to the building of healthier society through the wisdom of Enneagram. All the wisdom and knowledge would do us no good if it were not [...]

How to motivate your people using the Enneagram and Susan Fowler’s model of motivation

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How to create an environment that motivates your people – The Enneagram & Susan Fowler’s model of motivation One of the first things people ask us when we do leadership trainings for LeadershipSculptor is “How do I motivate my people”. And our response is always [...]

Falling into the Looking Glass: The Perils and Pitfalls of Teaching the Enneagram to Younger People

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The majority of students and clients in my Enneagram workshops, presentations, study groups and counseling sessions are between thirty-five and fifty years of age—right in the middle of the chronological Bell Curve. However, more and more precocious young people under the age of thirty, often [...]

World Enneagram Day

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There was once an organization called The Flat Earth Society that apparently still exists, with members all around the globe. Through its literature and online presence, it advocates a medieval view of the world, promoting an elaborate thesis that “proves” the world is flat. The [...]

The Coming of Wisdom with Time: Teaching the Enneagram to Lifelong Learners

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The Coming of Wisdom with Time Teaching the Enneagram to Lifelong Learners at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Though leaves are many, the root is one; Through all the lying days of my youth I swayed my leaves and flowers in the sun; Now may [...]

Pay it Forward Workshops: A New and Old Philosophy and Practice

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“You don’t pay love back, you pay it forward.” --Lily Hardy Hammond Most books and articles about the Enneagram have to do with theory, applications, and history. Few are about how teachers design and conduct presentations and workshops, and thus disseminate the received and developed [...]

1 WITH 1 = EVERYTHING, or the return to the essence through the Essential Enneagram and Essential Coaching

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No matter how much you feel that your life has hurt you, do not confine your sensibility, just learn to take care of your inner child and love yourself. Transform your pain into the fullness of Being. The issue that most worries humans is suffering, [...]

The Enneagram and Leadership Circle Profile: Connections and Complements

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The Enneagram and Leadership Circle Profile: Connections and ComplementsPeople have a variety of resources available to them when they decide to undertake their self-development journeys.  Myriad assessments exist to help us become more self-aware, the first step in building up emotional intelligence (EQ).  As with [...]

Deepening Your Enneagram Understanding Through an Exploration of the Instinctual Subtypes

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Facilitated by Leslie Hershberger & Curt Micka Featuring Panelists: Beatrice Chestnut, Russ Hudson, Peter O’Hanrahan and Mario Sikora What are the Instincts & Subtypes in the world of the Enneagram? Are Instincts and Subtypes the same thing or different? Why am I so confused about [...]

From Idolatry to Reality: From the Idealizations of our Personality to the Ideals of Our Real Self

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I’m intrigued by the parallels among the Bible story of the Israelites turning away from the true God and fashioning a false idol in the form of a golden calf; George Gurdjieff’s statements about the personality compensating for our essence; Karen Horney’s description of an [...]

Social Media Can Not Determine Your Enneagram Type

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If you’re on Instagram today, perhaps you’ve seen it—not the ads for the next big DTC brand or photos of that influencer vacationing in Bali—but the proliferation of Enneagram-centered content. It’s popular right now to distill our personalities into superficial snippets that fit neatly in [...]

The Instinctual Biases, Subdomains, and Zones

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This article is excerpted from our new book, "Instinctual Leadership: Working with the 27 Subtypes of the Awareness to Action Enneagram," which is available via amazon.com. Rather than using the traditional "self-preservation," "social," and "sexual" terminology, we prefer the terms "Preserving," "Navigating," and "Transmitting." We [...]

An Enneagram Overview

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AN ENNEAGRAM OVERVIEW   Here are some thoughts on questions that people have asked about the Enneagram.  It’s an overview of the system along with reflection questions to get you to ask more questions about the Enneagram TYPES The Enneagram is a personality typology that [...]

Love Triangles—How we approach relationships and sex based on the Hornevian triads.

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Sex – it can carry us on wings of pure sensual pleasure, or crush and humiliate us. It can take us from the sacred sublime to the darkest, most depraved aspects of humanity. Sex presents paradox: pleasure/pain, love/hate, gentleness/brutality, spiritual transcendence/primal urge, unconditional giving/self-gratification, playful fun/serious [...]

The Enneagram for Children. A series of books designed to introduce the Enneagram Types to young children.

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My children have benefited enormously from the Enneagram teachings. As a result, I wanted other children to be able to enjoy the same opportunity. Finding nothing available, I felt inspired to use both my writing and artistic skills to create a series of Enneagram books [...]

Enneagram Studies, Spiritual Initiation and the Science of the Antahkarana

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 I’d like to be remembered as the fella who taught you something you already knew. --Woody Guthrie It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards! --The White Queen The soul on its own level is an initiate. --D. K.       This short article is [...]

Guest Columnist Brodie Theis: Using the Enneagram with My University Students

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I met Brodie at the IEA Conference 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio and after hearing how he uses the Enneagram with his university students, I asked him if he'd write a guest column for IEA Nine Points and he generously agreed.  Give me your tired, your [...]

The Regret of the Basic Fault: Healing our Original Wounds and Emotional Dramas with Psychoanalytic Insights and Enneagram Knowledge

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“If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is a marvel of marvels. Yet I marvel and how this great wealth has come to dwell in this poverty.” Secret [...]

Why Fours Are Sensitive

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Enneatype Four is known for heightened sensitivity, dramatic feelings, and a profound sense of loss and disappointment.  Ever longing for fulfilling connection, always finding something mysteriously lacking, it’s no wonder that this type has been called the “Tragic Romantic”.  But such perverse yearning is hardly [...]

Psychological and Spiritual Bypassing in Enneagram Theory and Practice

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Men build too many walls and not enough bridges. --Dominique Pire, Nobel Peace Prize Winner (1958) Thesis    If the Enneagram is first and foremost a diagram and system for psychological healing, growth and integration, then the primary concern is to understand and avoid what [...]

The Conscious Process: Communication

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Communication is... The way we express ourselves verbally and nonverbally. These expressions contains conscious, unconscious, intentional, and unintentional messages. In addition, communication involves how we take in, listen, perceive, and analyze/process what we've heard, seen, or felt. *Verbal: The words, intonation, inflection, and manner in [...]

Looking for Demons

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For a long time now, I have been obsessed with trying to understand the relationship between Evagrius’s ancient demons (catalogued by him as eight logisimoi: Anger, Pride, Vainglory, Sadness, Avarice, Gluttony, Lust, and Acedia) and the passions of the modern Enneagram (arranged on the Enneagram [...]

Enneagram Type 1 in Couples’ Relationships

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For over 15 years working as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have found that combining 2 powerful models help couples improve communication, intimacy, connection, conflict resolution, while facilitating effective, developmental shifts for each partner: The Developmental Model (via The Couples Institute) and the Enneagram. [...]

Tips on Typing: 12 Steps to More Accurately Type Yourself and Others

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Conference session cancelled due to illness This session will cover the ins and outs of Enneagram Typing and 12 key points to consider in the process of discovery. It will bring to light important images, patterns, words and phrases that are hallmarks of type. It [...]

Moving the Race Conversation Forward with the Enneagram

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  In contrast to the belief that racism is a personal choice, we will explore racism as a collective, often subconscious, reality that affects literally every person who grew up in Western cultures. Like our Enneagram types, racism tells a story of who we are [...]

The Trouble With Typing: Ways to Misuse, Misunderstand and Distort the Enneagram

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As you use the Enneagram now and in the future - whether you are a beginner or an experienced user of the system - there is a limiting mentality that you may fall into without realizing it, leading you to "go wrong with confidence." Symptoms [...]

The Enneagram of the Nine Gifts of the Spirit

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In various letters to the early churches, the Apostle Paul wrote about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. These extraordinary spiritual gifts, often termed "charismatic gifts," map onto the Enneagram. Specifically, the nine gifts of the Spirit are the word of wisdom, the word [...]

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